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சமகால முஸ்லிம்கள் சந்தித்து வரக்கூடிய இடறுகள் இன்னல்கள், அதற்கான நமது பங்களிப்பு

ஜித்தா துறைமுகத்தில் மார்க்க விளக்க நிகழ்ச்சி

நாள்: டிசம்பர் 9, 2016 வெள்ளிக்கிழமை
இடம்: ஜி.சி.டி. கேம்ப் பள்ளி, துறைமுகம், ஜித்தா

தலைப்பு: இன்றைய இன்னல்களும் தீர்வுகளும்
வழங்குபவர்: ஷைக். முஜாஹித் இப்னு ரஸீன்

துறைமுக அழைப்பகம் – ஜித்தா
ஜித்தா தஃவா சென்டர் – ஸலாமா

Video and Editing:
IslamKalvi Media unit, Jeddah

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  1. Do we really need the Title Song? Dear Brother Mujahid, Hope you are with Indian Actors behind.

    Please I don’t want to label anyone (indians, specially tamil nadu public), but the true is almost all of them some what connected to or could not away from Cinema or Musical background. May be my judgement is wrong. May ALLAH have to forgive me for this. But I see this in every one and thay are some what connected to it.

    My advise is to you, don’t spoil your knowledge (Ilm) in front of ALLAH. Fear ALLAH, follow the footstep of Salafus Saliheens (Quran And Sunnah)

  2. நிர்வாகி

    May Allah Guide you and me too.

  3. Brother, Jazkallah for your reply


    Now a days, when we listen bayans or durrs from websites (specially tamil websites), like almost all of the websites. Instead of “Innal hamdulillah…….” which Rasoolullah started with when ever start to preach, we start with Songs, byths … now in modern way title songs. Nahuthubillah, where we are going….? whom we are following?

    We always complain Ahlul bidah, when they recite sura fathiha or any other surah when they start to preach… and we say its a bidah. but we ………follow the western and indian cinema industry to start our durrs and bayans. Are we not?

    Just think brother,

    Once again, ALLAH have to forgive me for labelling indian public as a cinamaholic. I thing it is a wrong judgment for muslims who follow quran and sunnah as per understanding of salafus saliheens. Once Again I am really sorry for labelling indian muslims.

    Please stop these byths and title songs in your audio recordings of all. And pass this message to all preachers and daees.

    Jazakallah Hairan.

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