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சத்தியமா? சமூக ஒற்றுமையா?

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  1. Salam

    One of the best Bayan orated by Maulavi Ismail Salafi.
    May Allah Bless him and his Dawwa work.

    The real Unity and Peace are on Practicing Quran and Sunnah (Authentic Hadees) without any innovations. Therefore pass this to all your friends and well wishers.

    If anyone knows could you please tell me when was this bayan held.


  2. This bayan is very useful to all. It will be very helpful if you could arrange a bayan on the topic of “life After Death”.. I hope this kind of bayan will make a good change among our community.

    I wish to thank this dawa centre directors and especially to Moulavi Ismail for having such an useful speech for reforming our community. May Allah reward you all.

    Jassak Allah hair.

    Iqbal Gaffoor

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